Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality Appalachian hardwood products, create superior value, and provide consistency in products and service for our customers.

Thompson Appalachian’s mission is full forest utilization with zero waste. With this goal, we produce a variety of forest products ranging from high-quality grade hardwood lumber for furniture, flooring and millwork packages to high volumes of industrial products for the railroad and packaging industries to biofuel stock for energy markets. Our team is committed to high-quality manufacturing and timely delivery to any marketplace around the world.

Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods, through our operations and affiliated companies, is positioned within the supply chain from forest floor to finished product to produce and delivery quality forest products into any marketplace. This integration within the supply chain provides a consistent and competitive raw material flow for our customers.

Our company was founded in Huntland, Tennessee because of the abundant, privately-held timberland of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. To ensure a viable business for generations to come, our family is committed to responsible and sustainable forest management, efficient manufacturing and collaborative initiatives with like-minded forest products professional and companies.