Thompson Appalachian’s mission is full forest utilization with zero waste. With this goal, we produce a variety of forest products ranging from high-quality grade hardwood lumber for furniture, flooring and millwork packages to high volumes of industrial products for the railroad and packaging industries to biofuel stock for energy markets. Our team is committed to high-quality manufacturing and timely delivery to any marketplace around the world. 



As every aspect of the log is manufactured into a product, industrial hardwood products are typically generated from the lower quality cuts of the log. Although not desirable for appearance applications, these cuts are critical components of our construction, energy, and transportation infrastructure. These products include railroad crossties and switch ties, pallet stock, timbers, and cants.


As a consolidator of regional logs, we have a variety of log species and specifications available for purchase. These include stave, peeler, veneer, or handle logs. Logs can be picked up at the mill or delivery, including export, can be arranged.

Please contact the Procurement Team for additional information.


Our production yields several by-products that are available for purchase to the public or wholesale distribution. All remaining bioproducts are consumed as biofuels in our onsite boiler which powers our dry kilns.

Hardwood Chips
Hardwood Bark
Hardwood Sawdust